ClickHook White Label & Reseller Program

Sell ClickHook under your own brand using our White label, reseller option

White Label & Customize Our Lead Management Software With Your Very Own Brand And Sell It To Your Clients!

Imagine you could take everything we have built… literally all 3 years of development… and use it for your clients. Did you know that ClickHook was started as a way to service our own clients? We wanted to provide all of our clients with a custom lead management solution that’s super simple.

After looking at all the CRM tools on the market we realized that nothing was quite right. We are sales people ourselves and wanted to provide our clients with something that fit within their process… we didn’t want them having to change their process to fit it within a CRM.

And the biggest problem that most companies have (at least all of our clients) was organizing their leads! You see, a lot of them are starting to tap into the power of the Internet and they are learning to do SEO or setup Adwords and get leads coming in through web forms.

What if you could deliver to your clients a solution that allowed them to fully integrate all the web forms on their website (no matter what kind of form) and allow them to easily manage all their leads across all their divisions in the company?

Every single company that has leads coming in is looking for a simple solution like ClickHook. They want someone to just come and help them integrate their web forms and set them up on something that fits their current workflow… in other words, they want something simple but flexible.

Did You Know

We have been developing ClickHook for 3 years and during the last two years we have had real companies using it. We have small to large companies depending on ClickHook every day. In fact, some companies have over a hundred users using ClickHook. And the best part is that they all love it! The point is that ClickHook has been getting tweaked from real user feedback for over two years.

You get to benefit from all of that. ClickHook might look simple at first but don’t be deceived… making something simple but powerful is one of the hardest parts of software development. We have literally been working non-stop on user feedback… just focusing on making ClickHook better.

Lead Management Versus CRM

We often hear the question about the difference between a lead management software and a CRM. We have focused on lead management simply because that is where the money is! Most companies actually don’t have a problem with their client relationships… they have a huge problem with their lead management.

Of course, a lot of CRM’s try to pretend they are good at lead management but since that is not their focus they tend to suck at it. ClickHook’s primary focus is lead management but the best part is that the core parts of a CRM.

CRM are already built into it. So we have many clients using ClickHook for both a lead management tool and a CRM. At the end of the day, leads are the life-blood of any company and helping them better organize and manage their leads is extremely valuable.

Why White Label A Lead Management Tool?

You can offer more value to your clients. You get to leverage 3 years of our work and offer it as if it is your own product. There are two main reasons you would want to do this:

1. Make More Money

This is obvious, you can charge your clients more money and you get to decide how you want to do this. We do not get involved at all… you decide on how you want to charge and bill your clients.

2. Make your services more sticky

This is how we used ClickHook with our clients… instead of charging extra, we simply gave ClickHook for “free” to help make all of our services like SEO and web design more sticky. As long as they are a client then they get to keep using ClickHook for free.

There is no question that if you are a digital agency or freelancer or anyone looking to offer more value to companies through your service offerings that you should white label ClickHook. The value you can provide to any company by helping them get set-up properly with their lead management is staggering. It’s really a no-brainer.

Can Your Clients See Any of ClickHook’s Branding On the Software?

No, everything including emails will have your brand/logo.  Your clients are going to think it is your software… you even set it up on your own domain such as

Do I Get To Brand The Mobile App As Well For Apple and Android?

For an extra cost we will be happy to submit a branded version of the app to Apple and Android. Although keep in mind you will need to setup your own Apple and Android developer account and give us access. And there are fees associated with an Apple development account. And we cannot guarantee approval or timelines.

Are You Interested In Becoming A White Label?