All you need to manage your leads better

One dashboard to manage all your leads

Manage your leads much better in a single dashboard. ClickHook makes it really easy for you to know where your leads are, search for one, or filter down to leads from a specific source or with a particular tag.

  • All your leads in one, easy to use dashboard
  • Add & archive leads easily
  • Search using leads’ name, e-mail, phone, or address
  • Filter by sources or tag

Easy access to all your lead information

Know everything about your leads; where their deals are; their social profiles. Take notes and create tasks or reminders to keep everything under control.

  • See every detail of your leads
  • Take notes and @mention other team members
  • Add tasks & reminders
  • Easily track lead sources; Add or remove tags

Smart Email Drip Campaigns

You already know the power of email drip campaigns but what if you could set up email campaigns for each stage of your workflow?  Imagine the power of laser targeted emails, sent only when your lead is put in that stage!  Say good-bye to generic email drip campaigns.  Total flexibility and power at your fingertips..

  • Easy email template setup
  • Personalize & Customize each email
  • Use email template for any stage in any workflow
  • Set time for when lead receives email & track email opens

Easily Integrate Your Forms on WordPress

An easy way to automate leads that fill out a form on your WordPress site to go into ClickHook

  • Easy setup
  • Very little technical skills required
  • Can handle almost any custom form from C7

Intuitive Workflows

Drag and drop workflows allow you to manage your leads easily. Bring your own processes; create and customizeworkflows; add stages; decide who gets to see what.

  • Drag and drop to move leads between stages easily
  • Bird’s eye view of where your leads are and their deal values
  • Filter by tags, the person who’s assigned the lead, or search

ClickHook Lets You Work On The Fly

ClickHook goes with you wherever you go. It’s available on the Play Store and the App Store.

Respond To Notes Right
From Your Email

Automate Your Leads From
Your Website, Get Them In
Real-Time To Your Email

Assign Leads to Users &
They Will Be Notified!

API Integration

Utilize the full power of ClickHook with our API

Build on top of ClickHook

Integrate ClickHook with your own software. Send actions when a lead comes in or is closed. Build custom reports. The possibilites are endless.

Send leads from your website

Add leads that submit a form on your website to ClickHook automatically. ClickHook’s JSON API allows you to integrate with your website easily.