What makes ClickHook different from the rest?
ClickHook is different for one main reason… we made lead management simple! If you like using software that is simple and easy to use but still very flexible then you’ll love ClickHook.
What are workflows and how do you use them?

Workflows are like sales funnels and the way we designed ClickHook is you can use multiple workflows to segregate your different departments or service offerings.  Workflows are super flexible, allowing you to assign managers to any particular workflow who oversee all the users and leads within that workflow.  We also provide quick stats for each workflow making it super helpful.  A lead can live in multiple workflows so you can actually track referrals across your organization very easily.  An example of how  workflows might be used is when an insurance broker decides to setup workflows for Personal, Commercial, Group Home and Auto, etc.  Each workflow can have different managers and users.  Companies find the flexibility of our workflows very powerful when setting up lead management within their organization.

How does your email drip campaign work?

Our email drip campaign is very unique.  We allow a company to setup customized emails for each stage of their sales funnel (workflow).  You can track open/read rates across leads and really start automating a lot of your email marketing.  The cool part is that our email drip system allows you to be laser targeted with your emails.  Not only can you setup emails for each stage of your sales funnel but you can setup emails to only go out to leads that have been tagged with a certain keyword.

What are tags and how do they work?

Tags are a very flexible way to organize your leads.  You can tag a lead with an interest or a location.  For example, you might want to tag any lead that golfs with “golf” in order to sift through all your leads who golf.  Or you might want to tag your lead with a location such as Los Angles in order to identify all the leads within a particular city.

What is the difference between the starter level and the enterprise level?

You can view our pricing and packages here. The starter package is perfect for a small company who just wants a simple way to manage leads and doesn’t care about reporting or the email drip campaigns. The enterprise package is perfect for medium to larger sized companies who want more automation with their marketing, some training, and reporting.

Do you offer a white label or reseller program and what is the pricing?

Yes, we do! Learn more about our reseller program here. For more information about pricing for your specific project, please contact support@clickhook.io.

Are you integrated with Zapier?

Yes, we are in beta.  You can email us at support@clickhook.io to get an invitation link.