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ClickHook has helped many insurance brokers manage their leads in a simple, powerful way. You see, most insurance brokers or agents are looking in the wrong place… they are looking for a full-fledged CRM that has all the bells and whistles. But from our experience what most
brokers really need is a simple way to manage their leads across all their different lines of insurance. You already have a broker management system but what most brokers do not have is a really good system for making sure all your leads are looked after.


Let me tell you a quick story (a true story)… once upon a time there was an insurance broker in Calgary, Canada. This broker was one of the largest, independent insurance brokers in all of Canada. They had hundreds of employees and had been growing every single year since they ’80’s. In the last few years they realized they needed a better way to manage and organize their leads from the web along with all the incoming phone calls.

So they did what most organizations do… they turned to the “big boys” like Sales Force and Microsoft and others like them. But none of their brokers could agree on a system. They just couldn’t find anything that was simple but flexible enough to meet their needs.

Then along came ClickHook… all their top brokers got in a room and saw a demo of ClickHook and were unanimously sold! We helped them integrate their web forms so that it was fully automated and worked with their entire team, training them and making sure they were using ClickHook to its full potential.

This insurance broker now has insight into their organization they only dreamed of before, They can run reports on all their leads, see how long it takes for a lead to be assigned or contacted, see the closing rate of all their brokers, look at the sales stats in any division of their brokerage (i.e. commercial, personal, life insurance, etc). Ever since using ClickHook they haven’t looked back (and have a lot less “lost” leads).

ClickHook Now

And now ClickHook is becoming very popular among insurance brokers nation-wide. The thing we hear the most from them is how simple and flexible ClickHook is… that it fits exactly into their current workflow. Many have tried the bloated CRM’s but are always drawn back to simplicity.

Does that mean ClickHook is not a CRM? Well, not exactly. To be honest, it can be used as a CRM as it has most of the common features found in a customer relationship management tool. But remember, we are trying to solve the major problem most companies are having nowadays… namely, how to manage and organize their leads in a simple way while automating as much as possible such as integrating all forms from their website.

If other insurance brokers find ClickHook to be EXACTLY what they are looking for then you should at least give it a try to see for yourself. We have different levels of pricing to fit the size of your brokerage. If you want the full service package where we will help you every step of the way including integrating your web forms and training your staff then please select the Enterprise solution.

"ClickHook has greatly helped our organization manage our leads better. And I love its simplicity. Our website forms are fully integrated with ClickHook and the mobile apps have made everything so easy"

Andrea Handlington

Director of Marketing Communications at CCV Insurance

Yes, I Want Your Company To Setup A Digital Marketing Campaign To Get Us More Leads and Fully Integrate ClickHook With Our Website And Team!