One of the reasons ClickHook came to be is because my digital marketing agency helped so many local businesses generate leads online and they needed a better way to manage their leads.  So what is the best way for a local business to get more leads online?  Just so you know, my company has helped generate over an estimated 500,000 leads for local businesses over the last 5 years… so I know a thing or two about generating leads online.

In my opinion the best way for a local business to generate leads online is to get a decent converting website with proper landing pages ranked high on Google either through SEO or Adwords or both.  Sounds pretty easy, right?  But the problem is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  A lot of companies struggle to get this done.

I have an equation that I came up with that makes lead generation super simple for any company to understand:

Targeted Traffic (TT) + Conversions (C) = Qualified Leads (QL)

Forget about all the stuff you have heard online that you need to do.  It’s just noise.  Don’t worry about Facebook, LinkedIn, or anything else that you think you need to do.

The real magic is in this formula.  it is brain-dead simple and if you get each part of the equation right you will get more qualified leads.  If you are struggling to get qualified leads then you are either not getting enough targeted traffic OR your conversions suck.  It is not more complicated than that.  So let’s chat about each part of the equation…

Targeted Traffic (TT): Targeted traffic could come from anywhere… it could be someone going to your website from a referral or from a postcard in the mail or from Google.  It just so happens that Google is one of the best sources in the world for getting targeted traffic to your site.  Targeted traffic simply means they are people that are truly interested in what you are offering.  Don’t be fooled by looking at just “traffic”… you can buy traffic for cheap that will never turn into leads.  “Likes” on a Facebook page are NOT targeted.  You must get targeted traffic… people who actually are looking for what you offer.  If you use Google to get targeted traffic you can use SEO or Adwords to do so.  I wrote an entire post on how to use SEO to generate more leads that you can read by clicking here.

Conversions (C): Conversions simply mean you have a landing page of some kind that is targeted to a specific product or service you offer.  You need a well designed website to make sure you capture leads.  If someone is looking for a plumber and goes to a cheap, hard to navigate plumbing site do you think that plumber is going to get the business?  On the other hand, if someone types in “emergency plumbing” in your city and lands on a page that talks about emergency plumbing, has a nice big phone number to call or a form to fill in and has some customer reviews they are most likely going to get a lead.  You MUST match the page your visitor is going to with what they are looking for and give them an easy way to contact you.  And always remember, your design of your website builds trust.  If you walk into a home builders office and it is messy and not clean what would your first impression be?  Likewise, your website is the first impression a potential customer will have your company.  It is worth investing in making sure you have a nice website that will convert well.

Qualified Leads (QL): Once you get the two parts of the first side of the equation right you will end up with qualified leads.  Just remember there is no point in spending money on targeted traffic and getting a high converting website if you don’t have a simple way to manage your leads.  You should integrate your web form into a CRM or lead management tool like ClickHook.  Having a simple but powerful lead management software will help you close more deals.

Good luck with getting more leads!