Alright, so in order to generate leads online you need to have high converting landing pages on your website.  A landing page is simply the page a person “lands on” after doing a search on Google.  For example, someone might type in “white label CRM software” and land on our white label page that we specifically designed for that niche.  Of course, a landing page should be optimized for SEO… a good landing page strategy actually starts with keyword research so that you know the overall topic you should focus on including what keywords your headline should have, etc.

But, how should your landing page be designed?  Here’s my basic blueprint for a landing page:

  • Strong headline including keywords
  • Call to action (i.e. Click here, Get A Quote, Start Now, Contact Us Today, etc)
  • Easy way to capture lead info like form (right near top, above the fold)
  • Big phone number if you want phone calls
  • Valuable content
  • Testimonials

Sometimes it helps to see examples so here is an example of a landing page in the insurance industry that we designed:

Boat Insurance Landing Page

The actual design elements may vary but you can see the overall idea.  This landing page is focused on boat insurance and we wanted to make sure the people looking for boat insurance had an easy way to get a quote.

The concept of a landing page is actually very easy to understand but so many companies don’t have a great landing page strategy and if they do have landing pages they aren’t designed well for conversions.

Don’t forget that if you design proper landing pages you will most likely have a form on your landing page that you should integrate with a simple lead management tool like ClickHook.  That will allow you to manage your leads easily and give you some marketing automation.